Performance Camshaft Kits: Update Your Engine

The lobes that are used in any piston engine in order to open and close the valves are called camshaft and are driven by the crankshaft. Once you decide to go for an engine modification, you should consider investing in a camshaft kit as this can easily provide you with cost efficiency, enhanced drivability and power that no electronic modification can provide.  

These kits have been created in order to enhance the performance of the valves when it comes to controlling the exact amount of fuel and air that are going to be let inside the engine but also, the amount of exhaust fumes that are to be released will be controlled as well. In fact, the lobes of the camshaft are created in such a manner that they are perfectly suited to the current regulations governing emissions, fuel economy and also vehicle performance but you can definitely change them and replace them with new ones that can both enhance the performance of your vehicle while also offering a quite better fuel economy that will save you a significant amount of money in time.   

The so-called cam profile is all about modifying these lobes in order to allow more exhaust fumes to get out of your car and also make the valves of the car engine open higher and lower meaning that the engine will get more fuel to function in an improved way. However, you should be aware that there several profiles that are available for some of the car engines - so, if your car engine is a popular one for competitive sports, then you are very likely to find a wide range of profiles that your vehicle may be provided with but the best way to do it is to talk with a professional or with the staff of a tuning company in order to get their advice on the right type of profile for your car.   

You should stay away from a rally style performance camshaft as this type of camshaft is only going to affect the drivability of your vehicle in a negative way, especially when you are using a lower speed.Also, the rally style camshaft can also come with higher lifts for the engine valves and this is likely to require another modification as well so you should consider this aspect as well before investing in such a type of camshaft.    

You should be aware that if you modify the camshaft, you may also have to take care of other modifications as well in order to suit the new, updated street camshaft set - for instance, you may have to re-jet the fueling system or to modify the whole exhaust system.